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My Clock and Watch Page

Welcome to My Horological Home Page

This Web site is under construction. I hope to have some interesting stuff soon!

My Clocks and Watches.

This is a generic web page template, so if something about cars gets left in, well, just figure it's taking me awhile to get the hang of this editing bit.

My horological interests:

I am interested in almost all aspects of horology. I currently have a dozen or so clocks, most in various stages of repair or restoration, and about sixty assorted watches.
I would love to take some courses, or better yet, complete a comprehensive training course in horology.
All donations for school gratefully accepted!
(Just kidding; then again...)

Soap making, too!

Another of my off the mainstream hobbies is making soap. I am a diabetic, and commercial products tend to dry your skin out, (a problem for diabetics, anyway). Sooo... I decided to try making my own. It's terrific! I have a few folks who are trying to talk me into going commercial with this, since they tried it and like it alot.
I figure it would take too much time away from my clocks, but if you would like to give it a try, drop me a line! I'd be happy to share what I know, and point you in the direction of some resources.

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My American Watch-Tool co. Lathe
The bed is marked "American Watch Tool Co.", and the headstock "Webster -Whitcomb".

More Pictures Coming Soon!

Interested in clocks or watches? Then you owe to yourself to check out the:(click below)

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors!