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Chapter 148 Meet/Mart, 3/15/03
A brief report on the Connecticut Chapter 148 meeting of 3/15/03
The Chapter 148 meeting/mart was held at the Edmund Town Hall in Newtown, Ct., on March 15, 2003.
This was my first meeting since joining the NAWCC.
My thanks especially to Jim Katzin, who invited me as a guest.
I was impressed by the turnout, despite the continuing "cool" weather, and appreciated the opportunity to meet
some nice fellow clock and watch nuts. It was a pleasant surprise to run into Alan House, whom I had no idea
is also "horologicaly afflicted". (Alan and I are nearly neighbours, about 1 1/2 hours from Newtown)
There were some great items offered for sale, and lots of knowledge available for the asking. Particular thanks to
George Bruno, who demonstrated his method for cutting wooden works wheels. If you have any interest in the
"old groaners", get ahold of some of George's drawings!
The only downside to the event was its brevity. Next time I'll arrive earlier,
which will also allow better pickin's of the excellent pastry!

The Mart, after most of the crowd cleared out!



A quick plug for the Museum in Bristol...
Don was manning the table, and mentioned the Museum will be opening a couple of days earlier this year, to take advantage of the weekend. (It usually opens on April first)

More of the Mart.

George Bruno shows how it's done.