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About Clocks and Watches.
About Buying a Clock
If you are new to the collecting of clocks, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, be aware that it can become quite addicting, and that perhaps not all the people in your life will share your enthusiasm for a house full of ticking, bonging, chiming, dinging, etc. If you can work around that, then Welcome Aboard!
The second thing is, buy the best you possibly can. You should understand that a good clock can be quite expensive, and that a cheap "fixer upper" can be quite expensive! Until and unless you amass the tools and knowledge to do it yourself, you will be paying a professional whose expertise is hard won, and who has outfitted themselves with a truly staggering array of expensive equipment; they charge accordingly. Get a nice, well behaved clock or two that you can enjoy the performance of, and will keep your spirit going as you venture into the more esoteric aspects of this great hobby.
To be continued...

Hey, mister, wanna buy a watch?
Watches are a fascinating area of collecting, and have an advantage over clocks in that, on an individual basis at least, they take up alot less room! They are also usually quiter. They do, however, share some features with regard to collecting. Again, be aware that watches are very complex mechanisms, and while that is a big part of their attraction, it also means they can be difficult and expensive to repair.
Another thing to be aware of is that there is alot of deception in the watch market, and I don't just mean the guy with an armful of .00 Rolexes. If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a watch you are considering, don't be afraid to ask questions, like "Can I have my (jeweler, watch repairer, friend, etc.) take a look at this?" Or get a money back guarantee in writing, and use your credit card. This can save you grief if everything is not as represented.
Stay tuned for more...

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